We aim to show through our actions that ALL young people are valued and valuable.

Above n Beyond is an organisation that provides support and accommodation for young people making the transition into independent living. We aim to demonstrate through our actions that ALL young people are valued and valuable. Our knowledge and extensive experience of working with young people who society often excludes, motivates us to work hard to include them in all that we do. We provide Young people from the age of 16yrs with fully furnished accommodation and support them to live independently through an agreed support package with a named support worker.

Our Individual plans of support focus on enjoying and achieving. These are developed from the outset with each young person where opportunities are identified and targeted to promote achievement day to day and towards their future. Accredited awards are made available through our training providers for All young people where their individual interests, hopes and aspirations are supported and encouraged.

Above n Beyond can offer time limited services where young people are uncertain about their future. Having a chance to experience living in supported accommodation can prove valuable in making the right choice at the right time. We are able to offer time limited Emergency accommodation recognising that sometimes plans and placements breakdown leaving young people in crisis.

Above n Beyond Therapies 

We have a qualified CBT therapist specifically trained to offer therapy for young people.  We have found through our years of experience that many young people face a lengthy wait to access the support they need and CBT has proved to be successful.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy is helpful in addressing eating disorders, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders and low self- esteem.

I had so much help to settle. I was so sad when I first came but I thank everyone for helping me feel happy.
Male, 17 yrs
They helped me find a church and make new friends and go to college. I am very happy with everything. Thank you.
Female, 16 yrs
I was very confused and didn’t know anything about the home office. My support worker sorted it out and came with me to all the appointments. She showed me how to cook because my Mum used to do the cooking back at home. When I was poorly she helped me.
Male, 16 yrs
I lived with these guys for 14months but to be honest I never took anything in even when they tried. When I got my own place it was really hard. I didn’t have a clue and stopped opening the post because I knew it would be bills I couldn’t sort out. I started to see my old support worker once a week. She used to help me sort my paperwork and make phone calls for me. I just needed a bit of time to get used to everything.
Male, 18 yrs
I couldn’t have coped without a bit of support in my own place. I hadn’t got anybody else to ask really.
Female, 18 yrs
I couldn’t make phone calls to sort anything out. I couldn’t hear so relied on having support to help me. It was also a good chance to talk about how I was feeling.
Male, 19 yrs
I could sort all the bills and stuff like that but it was hard on my own. I used to get so lonely. Having support once a week meant a lot because I could talk about things that had gone on.
Male, 18 yrs
If you go to Uni you have loads of mates living with you and you can go home to family. I couldn’t go home to family and couldn’t cope on my own. I let my place get in a mess but my support worker came every week and helped me get the place looking better.
Female, 18 yrs
I wasn’t sure about leaving my foster carers because I had lived with them since I was 11yrs old. I went to the flat for a week. At first I didn’t like being on my own but after the first few nights I got used to it. I decided after a week that I didn’t want a foster placement and moved into supported accommodation a few weeks later. It was good to have a chance to see what it would be like because it helped me in making a decision.
Male, 17 yrs
I didn’t want to stay in foster care but everyone told me I wouldn’t cope on my own. I had the chance to try supported accommodation for 4 days and found out I dint like it. I struggled and realised that I needed people around. I made a decision to stay put.
Female, 17 & 5 Months

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