Above n Beyond Support

Moving into supported accommodation can be both exciting and challenging. It depends on the young person and their readiness to cope in this new living situation. We recognise this and with this in mind, our support is planned to meet the individual’s needs. All our support workers are qualified and have extensive experience in working with young people where they work hard to support and develop young people aspirations and skills, towards them living independently in the future.

Our support is integral to our success with young people, with an emphasis on holistic support based upon an established relationship that supports the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development. Learning by practical example, teaching alongside, coaxing, training, and motivating are keys to developing the young person independence plan of work where the focus is to facilitate positive outcomes, towards the young person feeling confident and prepared to live independently post 18yrs old.

We offer Social skills support and training that include accredited certificate awards in:

Basic First Aid

Healthy Eating

Peer mentoring

Sports coaching


All support includes preparation in completing forms, making and attending appointments, cooking, budgeting, paying bills, promoting resilience, understanding and maintaining appropriate and positive relationships.

We believe that ALL young people have potential and we work hard to nurture and enhance talents, interests and skills.

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