Services offered by Above N Beyond:

We offer single occupancy supported accommodation in fully furnished flats, apartments, and smaller houses in the community. All our properties meet the necessary safety standards required. Shared occupancy accommodation can be made available according to the need and request.

Emergency Accommodation

We recognise that there will be young people who require accommodation in an emergency for a variety of reasons. Above n Beyond can offer emergency accommodation and out of hours via emergency duty teams.

Mother & Baby Accommodation

Support and Accommodation for young mums, and Dads is available. We offer accredited training in parenting through our partnership with the NCLP (National Centre Learning Partnership)

Floating support

We can provide floating support for young people who have their own accommodation but require ongoing support.

Asylum Seekers & Refugees

We have extensive experience in supporting young people who are seeking Asylum and whose first language isn’t English. Our creative approach has proved to be successful in supporting these young people to integrate and feel valued.

Taster supported accommodation

This service allows flexibility and an opportunity to inform future plans and decisions for young people who are uncertain about living in supported accommodation. Young people can experience time limited taster days/weeks in our training accommodation with support and guidance to assist them in making an informed choice.

Bespoke Service

Matching a service to a specific often complex needs is one of our specialisms. We aim to provide specific and flexible services in partnership with its partner agencies such as mental health, offending services, Mappa and the young people.

For any enquiry:

Call: Alyson Gray on:- 01782-664395 or 07789742449

Email info@

Jillian Taylor on: 07580066643

I lived with these guys for 14months but to be honest I never took anything in even when they tried. When I got my own place it was really hard. I didn’t have a clue and stopped opening the post because I knew it would be bills I couldn’t sort out. I started to see my old support worker once a week. She used to help me sort my paperwork and make phone calls for me.I just needed a bit of time to get used to everything.
18 yrs
I couldn’t have coped without a bit of support in my own place. I hadn’t got anybody else to ask really.
18 yrs
They helped me find a church and make new friends and go to college. I am very happy with everything. Thank you.
16 yrs
I was very confused and didn’t know anything about home office. My support worker sorted it out and came with me to all the appointments. She showed me how to cook because my Mum used to do the cooking back at home. When I was poorly she helped me.
16 rs

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