Asylum Seekers/Refugees

We have worked for many years with unaccompanied asylum seeking children from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam.

Many of these young people arrive in a sorrowful state having had horrendous journeys and life experiences. Often frightened and bewildered, we are able to reassure by using our creativity and basic knowledge of some of the languages to welcome them and continue to communicate with them.

We have become experienced in supporting these young people and understanding the processes involved towards settling them into life in the U.K. We offer support with facilitating and attending solicitor’s appointments, Home Office appointments, Health screening appointments and appointments with education and/or other institutions to support integration whilst respecting personal identity and culture.

We establish support networks for the young people to enable them to share language and culture with other young people from their home country and offer and support achievement through leisure.

“I was so scared when I first came to the country. I really wanted to go to church and my support worker helped to find me a church and took me. She also got me a college place to study and I made lots of new friends. I am so grateful to Above n Beyond for all they did for me and thank them that I am studying to be a nurse now.”
Female, 18yrs
“ They gave me so much help and took me to all my appointments and helped me so much with everything. I loved the weekly football matches on a Friday and the outward bounds course especially making a raft”
“ I have been here for 6months and love it. I miss my family but, the support worker has helped me to try and find them through the British Red Cross. My flat is really nice and I have everything I need and feel safe. My support worker can speak to me in my language. She teaches me English and I teach her my language.”
Male, 17 yrs

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