Emergency Accommodation

We recognise that there will be young people who require accommodation in an emergency for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, very little notification is given and this could be during the early hours of the morning, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We can usually facilitate and support an unplanned move for a young person to move into our emergency accommodation, and support them thereafter until an assessment and plan is made for their future.

 Above n Beyond can offer emergency accommodation and out of hours support via emergency duty teams.

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“ I had been chucked out of my home and had nowhere to go. The emergency team rang Above n Beyond and they offered me a flat. I stayed there for 2 months before I got my own place. I’m glad I had some help about sorting bills and filling in forms before I moved because I wouldn’t have had a clue”
Male, 17,10 months
“I was picked up at the police station at 1.30am.I had arrived in the county after making a very scary journey over 3 days. I can remember the smile and greeting in my own language from the support worker who came to get me.This made me feel less scared. The support worker took me to my flat where I would be living. It was beautiful and I was so relieved to be safe and warm and couldn’t wait to have a shower”
Male 17 yrs

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