We recognise that when young people reach 18yrs, it doesn’t mean they are ready or feel ready to manage living independently with all the new responsibilities this brings despite preparation. Often the preparation is rather like learning to drive. It isn’t until being out there, that the reality of what you have learned has to be put into practice and this can be quite daunting for young people. From our experience, young people benefit from having floating support particularly in the early stages of a new transition. We feel that this can be integral to success or failure.

Floating support can offer a young person reassurance guidance and practical assistance. It can also address any difficulties that a young person maybe experiencing before it becomes an obstruction to progressing.

Floating support usually takes place in the young persons own accommodation but this can also take place in the community.

Young people have told us that they feel “ it helps if they know they have got somebody visiting frequently”

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I lived with these guys for 14months but to be honest I never took anything in even when they tried. When I got my own place it was really hard. I didn’t have a clue and stopped opening the post because I knew it would be bills I couldn’t sort out. I started to see my old support worker once a week. She used to help me sort my paperwork and make phone calls for me. I just needed a bit of time to get used to everything.
Male, 18 yrs
I couldn’t have coped without a bit of support in my own place. I hadn’t got anybody else to ask really.
Female, 18 yrs
I couldn’t make phone calls to sort anything out. I couldn’t hear so relied on having support to help me. It was also a good chance to talk about how I was feeling.
Male, 19 yrs
I could sort all the bills and stuff like that but it was hard on my own. I used to get so lonely. Having support once a week meant a lot because I could talk about things that had gone on.
Male, 18 yrs
If you go to Uni you have loads of mates living with you and you can go home to family. I couldn’t go home to family and couldn’t cope on my own. I let my place get in a mess but my support worker came every week and helped me get the place looking better.
Female, 18 yrs

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