Mother & Baby support & accommodation.

Our qualified workers are fully trained in delivering the Edexcel accredited parenting courses for parents to be and young parents with children. The programme can be taught with an individual and/ or group and can support pre-birth assessments, and highlight any safeguarding concerns. The parent/s can earn accredited awards in the various courses on offer for safer positive parenting.

Young parents & baby can live in supported accommodation without participating in the courses if this is felt to be appropriate.

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“ At first I wasn’t happy about having a support worker telling me what to do with my baby but it wasn’t like that. She really helped me understand things and I think it made me a better mum for my baby”
Mum Aged 17yrs
“ The course was fantastic. I loved doing it and couln’t wait to do it. I think it gave my social worker proof that I was a good parent and I got the qualification to prove it. I would really recommend the parenting course.”
Female Aged 16yrs

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