Some young people are unsure about whether or not they should move into supported accommodation and others may feel they are not ready and would not be able to cope. Above n Beyond can offer an opportunity to experience what it might be like living in single occupancy supported accommodation before a young person makes the commitment to move.

It maybe a couple of days of visiting the accommodation and spending time there learning how to shop for groceries, prepare and cook meals, attend to laundry as just a few examples. Spending some time alone can also prepare for how it might feel not living in an environment with carers. The young person can also have the opportunity to sleep at the accommodation for a night or more if requested.

Once a young person has experienced a taste of supported accommodation it usually supports them to make an informed choice towards planning their future.

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“When I first moved into supported accommodation, I was scared especially at night. For the first few weeks my support worker used to call me to see if I was O.K and I could text her if I was feeling scared. I soon got used to it and she helped me find ways to help me sleep without feeling scared”
Female, 16 yrs
“My support worker was amazing. He sorted me out a mechanic course at college and then I got an apprenticeship”
Male, 17 yrs

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